Milling Services

We offer custom wood milling services and can process trees up to 60″ wide. We mill local, urban trees that are being taken down due to disease, age, wind or development giving them new life. Over the years we have amassed an impressive inventory of hard wood slabs, dimensional lumber and beams available for purchase. In addition, we offer custom wood milling to your specifications and offer kiln drying upon request.

We cater to the real craftsman or discerning professional seeking material that is color-matched, grain-matched, bookmatched or sequenced in custom and hard-to-find sizes.


Peterson Automatic Swingblade Mill: cuts slabs up to 60″ wide and 20′ long or dimensions lumber from 10″x20″ cant all the way down to 1″x2″

Timberking Band Mill: horizontally run track can slab up to 32″ wide utilizing ultra thin kerf technology


Surface sanding, planing, re-sawing, of large slabs, stacking, delivery and drying.